Low-Rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010)

This page offers basic information about the project Low-Rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010)


Still from Tarkovski's 1972 motion picture.

Low-Rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010) is a video installation that confronts a scene from Andrei Tarkovski’s 1972 Science-Fiction film Solaris (a long non-narrative sequence filmed on the urban highways of Tokyo) with a “remake” of the same highway track within Google Streetview.

Between 2008-2009, a vehicle manned by the staff of the Californian multinational has recorded the same highway tracks with automated panoramic cameras. The Google Streetview service, that has raised controversy and has been banned in several European countries, makes this imagery accessible through the GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth services.

Part of the dual-screen installation, still.

By this juxtaposition, the project aims to reflect on the powerful representations of “the future” that have been generated, both by a visionary film maker and by a global corporation with undisclosed motivations, based on a simple naturalistic recording of Japan’s post-war urban architecture.

A layer of “subtitles” is complementing the images, mixing fragmentary micro-narratives and elements of critical discourse. Those subtitles are a one-to-one transcription of the text comments that Internet users have posted on the Youtube platform, where the original Solaris sequence has been uploaded by a user in 2007. The tone of the comments balances between factual, humoristic, emotional, and even poetic notes.

Documents for download

Project Description (PDF, 922 Kb)
Technical rider (PDF, 483 Kb)
High-Resolution Imagery (ZIP, images in PSD format, 19Mb)

Video files for Preview

1) Single-screen version, 4:15 min, in 720p (also available in 1080p):

2) Single-screen version, full resolution (1920×1080), 5 second fragment (H264 MOV file, 28 MB):

Project history

Date: 2009, December 11th
Location: Dock18, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
First presentation of Low-Rez Stories as a 3-channel video installation.

Date: 2010, April
Location: ArtByGeneva Art Fair, Addictlab booth
Presentation of industrially produced prints on canvas, derived from webcam imagery from the Low-Rez Stories video archives.

Date: 2010, July 5th
Location: Neuchâtel Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF)
First presentation of Low-Rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010) as a dual-screen installation, in the frame of a video programme curated by the Centre d’art de Neuchâtel (CAN).

Date: 2010, July 16th
Location: Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva
First presentation of the single-screen version of Low-Rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010), in the frame of a video programme.

Date: 2010, October 28-31
Location: Shift Festival, Basel
The single-screen version is presented in the frame of Shift electronic arts festival – see photo documentation.

Date: 2011, May 29 – July 3
Location: Kunstraum Kreuzlingen
Multi-screen installation version – see video documentation.